Friday, September 30, 2005

I always forget this one....

Out of all my blogs, I always seem to forget that I have this one...even though a few of my friends use this religiously. It's just not as user friendly as, say, LiveJournal or MySpace. I haven't figured out how to maneuver through this one yet. If I ever manage to find some free time that is not student teacher related, I might give it a shot. I'm not completely computer illiterate. I did manage once to find and extract a trojan virus from my stepdad's computer the 'old fashioned way'. Thus, I am sufficiently schooled in the 'old school' way of fixing pcs.

Anywho, I shall try to update this blog regularly. This one, along with Xanga, are suffering horribly.

I promise I'll be better. Really. Ok. Maybe after Thanksgiving I'll be better. If I go to Italy, then maybe after New Years. :) That could be a New Year's resolution right there. Sweet.