Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I promise I haven't been intentionally neglecting any of you. I've been extremely busy with parent-teacher conferences and mid-terms that I've been sucked into work these past couple of weeks. Josh and I actually have a date in about 7 minutes, so I need to make this quick. The date has already been pushed back an hour due to a powerpoint I needed to make on hypothermia. Long story short, today was odd. I had 3 students (2 male, 1 female) compliment me on having my hair down. I must do this more because let's face it, middle schoolers are more hip as to what looks nice and I want to remain tolerable looking.

After 4th period, the overhead screen came crashing down on me. I have lovely scrapes and bruises from that. The janitor came in and wondered how it did not happen sooner. Apparently it was not secured safely. Imagine that. I'm lucky it didn't fall on my head. I went to the bank and took out money to pay for my licensure and certification. $137. Ouch. 2 days of subbing will more than cover that, so it's worth it. If I get into all of the districts around here, I'll be a busy sub. There's a shortage which is good news for me!

Ok, I really must go find Josh. We've rented 'Crash' twice now and I'll be damned if we return it unwatched AGAIN.I promise I'll update and comment more. I just need to get myself back together. *hugs you all*