Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Best Birthday Ever

I would know...I've had plenty of them. This year's birthday was, by far, the best, though. What made this one so special, you ask? Well, allow me to elaborate.

The day began with a frantic drive to school at 7:58am (I have to be there at 8). During the whole 4 block drive (yes, I drove, today, because I needed to take a co-worker to pick up her car at the dealership)I remembered that my license needed to be renewed - today was the expiration date. Once I arrived at school, I dropped off the treats in the lounge, flew up to my classroom, set down my bag, e-mailed the school to tell them there was free food, and the office phone startled me. I answered and Lisa, from the main office, asked if I could slip downstairs for a minute. So, I headed down to see what was going on. Waiting for me in front of my mailbox was a bouquet of daisies, dyed with food coloring in all sorts of vibrant colors. It was absolutely beautiful! (They were from Sue and Claudia.) I asked if I could leave the bouquet with her while I ran an errand (the DMV), where I then proceeded to wait for 40 minutes. It was all right, though, because they took my new, thinner, picture for the license and I looked smashing. Once I returned to the school, I picked up my flowers and returned to an inbox full of birthday wishes (18 or so). As I busily replied to all of them, Sue came down to visit. We had a nice chat before the maintenance man showed up. He told me they would be installing a volume control in my classroom. No more loud speaker interrupting my middle school classes! Hooray! The day was getting better by the minute! My creative writing class came in soon after that, and we videotaped their dialogue scenes. The period flew by, and then my 9th graders arrived. We worked on the class webpage until lunch rolled around. Down in the lounge, I received more birthday wishes. My 7th graders arrived at 12:30, and in the middle of class, the phone rang, again. This time it was Jodi from the main office. She told me I had a package waiting for me downstairs. Intrigued, I headed down after the kids left and picked it up. R sent me calla lilies - one of my favorite flowers! The day went up another notch! Soon after, my 8th graders entered my room, soundless and single file. Once they were arranged at the front of the room, one of them turned to face the others and began conducting the 'Happy Birthday' song. I got a little misty eyed and thanked them - I never once mentioned that my birthday was coming up, but they somehow knew! They're the best part of my day and I'm going to miss them tremendously when I move! Whenever I get sad and wonder why I chose to stay on another year, I remember that class and it reaffirms my decision. Anyway, when they left, I headed down to Bev's room, and we made plans to go get dinner after school. I met her over at her place, so we could drop off her husband's truck and run over to get hers from the dealership. It was then that I realized just how badly my car needs a detail job. Once she got her car back, we met at Salamis and had overstuffed potatoes and good conversation. I headed back home at around 6:30 and got a ton of stuff done that has been needing attention: washing the dog, edging the yard, and transplanting the yuccas. Since I've been inside, I've gotten 7 phone calls and multiple messages wishing me a 'Happy Birthday!' and I'm still getting them. There are only about 10 minutes left, so I'm waiting to see who the very last person will be! I am so very blessed to have such fantastic people in my life. Thanks so much to all of you who helped make this birthday so very special!


At 10:31 PM , Blogger The Diet Coke of Evil said...

you did CHORES??? on your BIRTHDAY??????



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