Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Please, Don't Make Me Puke...

Typically, I stay out of political debates, because they piss me off. For one, it's all a lot of spin doctoring and social manipulation that makes my head dizzy. It seems that this particular campaign lives and breathes drama. I don't know about you, but I have enough drama to deal with in my own daily life. I am really not interested in hearing the latest 'sensational' coverage that's happening when most of it is absolute BS. (The 24 hour media gurus, who create drama and news for the use of ratings through the use of emotion-evoking words, is another rant for another time!)I mean, seriously, we are the laughing stock of the entire world! There we were, making an enormous, politically charged deal about the possibility of a female leading this country, when Israel, Great Britain, Germany, Chile, Liberia, the Philippines, and even Pakistan have all had female leaders within the past 50 years! It seems like we're amongst the only purely racist and sexist country in the world - yet we'll always claim to be the best at everything, because we're free Americans!

But, I digress. I wanted to share a quote I ran across by Fred Thompson that made me sick to my stomach. He tears into Obama about his inexperience and tries to piggyback his mantra of hope: "We hear a lot of talk about hope. John McCain knows about hope. That's all he had to survive on."

Ok, first of all, wasn't McCain a POW? Do we want someone who has dealt with unmentionable physical and mental tortures in charge of that red button? Secondly, to throw this notion into the faces of America about how badly he suffered is doing nothing but fishing for a sympathy vote. "Aww, he had a bad time in war. He must deserve this more than Obama, because he could have died! Let's vote for him, so he feels better about himself!" If you buy into that, do us all a favor and migrate to your nearest institution of faith and have a telepathic conversation with your Lord, asking for forgiveness for being so ignorant. Third, I hear a lot of talk about how inexperienced Obama is. Does our constitution not state that once you hit a certain age and meet a specific criteria, that you are eligible to run for president? Do we not teach our children to reach for the stars and aspire toward big dreams? Is that not what this man is doing? I feel that he is an inspiration and a fair representation of the majority of this country. Why should I put my political trust into an older, "more experienced" man, when all he has done so far has been to undermine his opposition with immature tactics and false accusations? Obama has managed to rise above all of the pettiness during this run, and maintained his integrity. He has a made a solid choice in his vice president, and I'm satisfied that the two of them will do a great job working together. There is already a strong rapport between them that appears to be genuine, while McCain struggles to spin the events of his own vice preident's personal bombshells and meltdowns. Go here for more on that topic. (She wants to cut funding for sex education and ban abortions in ALL cases!)

The bottom line in all of this is that neither side has ever been president. How can one truly gauge "experience" or "readiness" unless thrust into a position of power? Do doctors not go through an internship before becoming a professional? Do teachers not endure student teaching before becoming certified? One might argue that Obama is a fresh-faced senator, but I would rather have his untainted views of hope over a man who desires to run this country through fear, while using a woman as his wild card. But, I'm just a woman. What could I possibly know?

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