Friday, July 25, 2008

Are Mitchell's Days Numbered?

Will this courageous, retired astronaut be snuffed out of existence by the government because he dared to disturb the universe by exposing alien life coverups? Will the next blip on the news report his 'accidental death' or 'mysterious disappearance' or 'death by natural causes'?

This continuous conspiracy theory raises the question of whether or not America is truly 'free'. How is it that we've become a country that's afraid of exposing the truth? Is it because we know there are government spooks so willing to erase anyone who dares to uncover what they've worked so hard to hide from us? Don't we have a right to know if other beings are visiting our world?

I suppose there are some strong arguments against knowing. Let's take into consideration the fact that most of us can't even handle people of other cultures with different skin colors. So, what would happen if there were foreign beings landing on Earth? Would we start lynching them, like our ignorant ancestors? Not only that, but wouldn't the existence of these beings destroy the concept of religion? Do you honestly think the Catholic church will stand for that? Let's be honest with ourselves. If these aliens have any intelligence whatsoever, they'd flee this planet in order to save their hides. Our kind hasn't moved past being neanderthals when it comes to dealing with something different. Until we have, maybe we're better off not knowing what else is out there. We'd probably end up destroying them in the same way that we're destroying our own planet.

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