Wednesday, October 22, 2008


You tell me...

Seven years ago last week, I was engaged to be married to my first husband. After a wonderful first year, we decided that spending the rest of our lives together was something we were ready to commit to. I came along to help select the diamond, but he kept the actual proposal date a secret. The lengths to which he went to surprise me were impressive, because it's practically impossible to do, as many of you well know. A few months went by, and mid-October presented itself (my favorite time of year - leaves changing, weather is cool, but not COLD). After a chaotic afternoon (and almost thwarting the plan) he brought me to a park, where, underneath a meteor shower, he asked me to be his wife.

Two years ago last week, I made the decision to separate from him after almost four years of marriage. It was one of the most painful decisions I've ever had to make, but the relationship was no longer healthy for me. I wanted a family; he wanted to be on MTV. We ceased having mutual goals and, as a result, several underlying issues began developing between us. My trust in him was diminishing. We tried counseling and continued to 'date' in hopes that we might salvage the marriage, but it never seemed right. At the end of December, I asked for a divorce.

Time has passed, and I've since moved on with my life, as he has with his. In fact, just this past week, I stumbled upon news of his engagement. It isn't surprising; however, what strikes me as odd is the timing.

You see, the date coincides with both of the major events that I have just described to you.

Is this merely a coincidence, or is it evidence of a psychological pattern? There are certainly plenty of other similarities I could list, but this one is the most striking. Ordinarily, I would not give him another thought, but these questions are worth pondering, considering the circumstances. In all honesty, I found it hilarious.

I wonder if he sees the irony.

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